Tap: Age 3 & upThe studio strongly recommends tap dancing for beginners of any age.  This is because of the initial rhythmic development and coordination that it offers to the student.

      Ballet: Age 5 & up Ballet is the most intricate of all dancing and therefore is the most difficult.  Poise and technique of ballet is the core structure of all dancing.  

   Jazz: Age 6 & up Jazz is a modern interpretation of Ballet.  Jazz styles are continually changing.

       Pom Pon: Age 8 & up Pom is a fast paced jazz including the hottest new moves. Your dance could include Jazz, High Kick or Prop use.

        Lyrical: Age 8 & up Lyrical is a routine that is interpretive and is not standard ballet or straight jazz.  It is emotions expressed through dance.

       Hip Hop: Age 8 & up Hip Hop dance refers to dance styles, mainly street dance styles, primarily danced to hip hop music.

         Opportunity: Age 8 & up Opportunity is for any student who wants to participate in the opening and closing of the show.  It will be a combination of Jazz, Tap, Lyrical etc.  

Technique: Age 6 & up
Technique class is a 45 min. class that works strictly on barre, across the floor work. Along with stretching, turning, leaping.  No routine is taught.  

Combo Class: Age 5-7
This class will be a beginner level class focusing on ballet,tap, and creative movement. Tap shoes required. Ballet. shoes will not be. It will be determined in November whether the class will do a ballet or tap routine in the show. Any child wanting to take ballet and has never taken dance, and is between ages 5-7 will be required to register for this class.
Lessons and Fees Most Classes meet once a week and are half hour in length unless otherwise specified.  Each year the student will start the basics of his/her class.  Then the student will start their routine while still working on the technique.  

Dress Code 
No leotard or tights are required, however, student should be dressed in all black, form-fitting attire. 
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